Skin Tag, Wart and Verruca Removal

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Skin Tag, Wart and Verruca Removal

Skin Tags

Treatment is quick and easy using the Cynosure Elite Laser. Skin tags are removed by lasering around the tag at the base. The heat from the laser carbonises the blood that is feeding the vessels, and cutting off the blood supply. Within 1-2 weeks the skin tag will become smaller and hard and then fall off normally without you noticing it. The skin will look pink for a week then return back to normal skin colour.

Wart & Verruca Removal

A highly targeted beam of laser light is aimed at the wart or verruca. The energy from the laser heats up the blood vessels feeding the problem area, which collapse in on themselves as a result and slow the blood supply. This starves the wart or verruca of nutrients so it naturally falls off after a few weeks. The treatment is performed with a Pulsed Dye laser which can treat warts with remarkable safety and efficacy. Laser treatment is particularly effective for those stubborn cases that may have been resistant to previous treatments.


Test patch £50

Treatments starting from £150


Treatment Summary

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