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About Botox Treatments

These are non-surgical anti-ageing treatments aimed at creating smoother skin and a more youthful appearance. Areas treated include upper face, including lines around the eyes, vertical lines in between the eyes and the horizontal line across the forehead.

Prior to treatment, patients will need to have a face to face consultation and complete a medical form.

This treatment is expected to take approximately 2 weeks for full effect. It is expected that patients return after this period for a review and to ascertain the efficacy of the treatment.


Prices start from £170. Treating men carries a £50 surcharge on some treatments.

Conditions/Areas Treated

  • frown lines
  • smile lines
  • forehead lines
  • gummy smile
  • hyperhidrosis
  • pebble chin
  • neck lift
  • bruxism (jaw slimming)

Treatment Summary

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